It’s a great time to be an artist manager

Photo by AmateurChemistPhotography on flickr.

Photo by AmateurChemistPhotography on flickr.

I was talking with a fellow manager recently. We agreed it’s a great time to be one.

Everyone talks about how the music business has changed, but what that really means is the record business has changed.

The result of that change is the relative positions of record companies and artist managers.

Imagine a bicycle wheel. The record company used to be at the center of that wheel, with all of the other parties helping an artist’s career extending from it like spokes. The label represented where the majority of the money was and therefore they took the best position. They used that position to drive everything, whether or not it was best for the artist.

That’s all changed now. The artist manager is in the center and the record company is one of the spokes. It’s our job to manage everything about our clients’ careers. Being in the center just makes it easier. That’s great for managers, and for artists.

"Acoustic" by AmateurChemistPhotography is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0