Each artist is unique. Each business is too. What makes an artist compelling is their individual vision. What makes them successful is a strong business.

Mark Tavern Management, LLC, has a unique perspective on being a creative in today's dynamic music marketplace. Gained through experience at not-for-profit performing arts organizations and commercial record companies, as well as through involvement with artists of all genres during dozens of live productions and more than 200 recordings, that knowledge can be leveraged on any scale.


Being a creative in today’s music marketplace can be daunting. Every creative wants to spend as much time as possible on their art, but that’s only part of what it takes to build a career. Having a plan is essential.

DIY doesn’t mean “on your own.”

Instead of wondering how you’re going to get it all done, take control of your business. Enlist the services of a pro.

Unlock the secrets of the music business.

Get an insider’s perspective. Conduct an assessment of your career and create a strategy to help drive your success.

Artist Development

  • Career guidance
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy

Project Management

  • Recording Session Coordination
  • Tour Management
  • Event Production

Record Label Services

  • Operations
  • A&R / Creative
  • Product Management
  • A&R Administration
  • Release Planning
  • Publishing Administration
  • Marketing / Promotion

Mark Tavern Management, LLC, can create a plan to help you navigate the music business. Schedule an informative one-on-one consulting session either in person (in NYC) or via phone / Skype. Topics can vary based on your interests and needs, be geared to your overall career goals or be focused on specific, project-based solutions.