Spotify just made changes to their editorial playlists. Here's what that means for musicians.

Last week, Spotify announced some changes in how their editorial playlists work.

From now on, Spotify will begin to personalize some of their editorial playlists, meaning that listeners will hear individual versions of those playlists tailored to their own musical taste. This will make editorial playlists even more important, as in addition to getting your music in front of lots of listeners, they will now put that music in front of listeners who are specifically looking for it.

What's next for the Music Modernization Act?

By signing the Music Modernization Act in an Oval Office ceremony on October 11, President Trump enacted the first major changes to US copyright law since 1976.

That the creative community was able to agree on such a wide-ranging set of changes is one thing, and for the legislation to then survive attacks from SESAC and The Harry Fox Agency’s parent company The Blackstone Group, as well as from SiriusXM Radio is another all together. But now that celebrating the Act’s passage is over, the focus can turn to its implementation.

We know what the MMA is supposed to do, but what are the next steps?