Artist Management


The right team makes all the difference. It starts with the right manager.

“How do I get a record deal?” is no longer the single-most important question facing artists. In today’s fragmented marketplace, that deal is only one component in an overall career, and no longer as central to an artist’s business. Instead, that question—and it’s a question for all artists—should actually be: “Given the many revenue streams available, how do I build a business that capitalizes on all of them?”

For artists, musicians, producers, songwriters and other creatives, a personal manager is a key element of a successful career and the person best-suited to help answer this question. Beyond giving advice and counsel, a manager selects and oversees the rest of the team, coordinating the efforts of agents, attorneys, publicists, designers and others to plot a course that leads to long-lasting success.

Mark Tavern Management, LLC, partners directly with each client, providing customized artist management services. Drawing upon a wealth of knowledge and experience in recording, live performance, tour production, publishing administration, brand marketing and strategic marketing, each client receives personalized service designed not just to help them attain the next step in their career, but build a sustainable future for their creative endeavors.